Bulldog Target Reviews

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Awesome target

Have shot it a handful of times and it is definitely a quality target and very easy to pull arrows

Shooting through

The target does what is says as far as easy pull and stops most arrows. However I've only been shooting it for a week and I'm already having arrows bury up past the fletching. Most Arrows only go in 5"-6" but one out of 12 seems to find a hole and when the fletching go in its extremely hard to get out and it ruins the fletching . I'm shooting 450 grain kinetic arrows at 290fps. Whish I would have got a thicker version.

Best Target I’ve Shot!

I shoot at 298ft/s and the arrows only go in very little. They also pull out super easy.

As good as it gets

Ordered the Doghouse FP PLUS+ and am happy to say it has far exceeded my expectations. This target is the perfect blend of weight, size, toughness, good looks and ease of use. Couldn't be happier. Arrows are a breeze to pull. Had a minor issue in shipping, not Bulldogs fault, but glad to report customer service is as "Quality" as their products. They reached out to me quickly. Amazing to deal with a company that values their customers. Will definatley purchase more products from Bulldog.

Awesome target for indoor

Bought this target for my basement because I needed to shoot inside, don’t have much room so I needed something big and strong and that would last me long. The double target is perfect, flipped it on its side and I have plenty of target space and no worry about missing and putting holes in my walls. The lifetime guarantee was what sealed the deal for me, for the size and the quality of the target, money well spent.


This target is tops. I wasted a lot of money on other targets but no more.
Now it's time for the smaller more portable Pug, I believe it's called. Highly recommend

Worth the $

Stop buying other targets that only last a season before the middle is shot out of it. After purchasing this you will never need another one.

Doghouse xp plus+

Haven’t been able to use it yet because my new bow has not arrived yet.But the target looks great and seems to be made of high end material.Also arrived very quickly.I will purchase another one later for the camp

Awesome target

Shot it all weekend and never missed a beat. Arrows pull out very easily. Will definitely get more.

Amazing target!

Great quality, shipped fast and honestly probably the best targets i have ever used. I cant believe how easy it is to remove the arrows!

good target

good target so far. younger kids can pull their arrows and mine.


This thing is amazing, stops my crossbow arrows like magic,
Easy to move around thanks to the handle, very sturdy.

Best target I've ever used.

I have used these targets for just a couple week now and find them to be far superior to any other target I have ever bought. Thank you so much Bulldog Targets!

Good target for the money

I did not have a chance to use this target much. I used it three times and so far I am happy with my purchase. I was a little skeptical when I read about two-finger arrow removal but after I tested the target, I can confirm that it is total truth. I am using a PSE compound bow with 60 lb limbs. With my currently used arrows, my bow shoots with a speed of 305 fps. I shoot this Doghouse XP PLUS target from 20 yards. My arrows did not penetrate the target too deep and I had absolutely no problem pulling them out with two fingers as promised. I tested it by shooing from about 10 yards and still didn't get any problem.
The target is very stable and has no problem staying on its own on any flat surface. It is very nice to have a handle on one side of the target. It definitely helps with carrying the target. But I would suggest adding couple more handles or removable hooks. That would be definitely helpful to hang the target on a frame.
It is also great to know that the target is covered with a lifetime warranty. We don't need to worry much about the worn-out target face. It is covered with the warranty.
I would definitely recommend this target to other fellow archers.

So Far So Good

This thing is solid. I've only put a couple dozen arrows in it so far but it seems like it's a winner.

The arrows only penetrate a couple of inches and they pull out so easily. Like you can grab a tight group of three arrows and pull them all out at once without even putting another hand on the target.

It is a bag target so, the face will probably get beat up pretty quick, but with how big it is and the lifetime face replacement, I'm not too worried about that.

I usually shoot through a target every season and I never thought a bag target would be the answer to this problem, but I think this one could be a wonner

Best archery target!

This target is solid and works perfectly! pulling arrows out is super easy and the arrows never get hung up in the block. I will ONLY be purchasing bulldog targets from here on out.

Buy the best dont settle for less

Yeah you can go buy a cheaper target down at Walmart but why??? For the price this target is awesome at 20 yards the arrows slide right put and is perfect to pin on any targets for shots at 60 yards. Heavy and sturdy for indoors and outdoor ranges. Believe me one target and like me you'll be right back ordering more!

This is honestly THE best target I’ve ever purchased!! Arrows come out easily every time and it’s definitely built to last!

Great Target

Works as advertised. Just the right size for easy portability.

My son loves it!

I bought this as a gift for my son. He loves it and shoots at it everyday.

Great target

The target is great. I have shot it 400-500 times so far and it doesn’t even seem like I shot at the target once yet. It has two sides to shoot at and I haven’t even considered turning it around yet. Easy to pull out arrows. The target is heavy yes but if it last a lifetime then it doesn’t matter. Great target

EZ PeeZee

Absolutely the easiest target to pull arrows from! And great size options. Easy to see multiple rings, would like to see maybe one ring 10x10 or something. Love my Bulldog!!🎯

I didn't expect it to be as good as the other reviews stated and I was a little right...it's better!

Pulling the bow wasn't causing problems with my shoulder but pulling arrows out of my targets was. I wasn't sure I believed a two finger removal was a possibility but it's really that easy. I can shoot more arrows during each practice session now and it shows in my groups


This target has been absolutely amazing arrows pull very easy and the target arrived extremely fast plus how can you beat a lifetime warranty on an archery target.

Super target

This is a great target. It is heavy doesn't move when shooting. Simple 2 finger arrow removal all this and lifetime warranty