Bulldog Target Reviews

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Great targets

So far, so good! They handle arrows well, and we shoot 20lb recurve at em.

Best targets around!!

The Lil Dog (Pug) works as good as the Big Dog (XLs). Love them and can take The Pug around with me in the car for quick practice anytime. Best targets around!!


Really Excellent archery target .works just like they said it will .easy to remove arrows with just a slight tug very happy with my purchase .


Great target now son and I can both shoot same time so he gets used to competing. Solid heavy target looks like it’ll last long time for us shooting couple times a week.

Doghouse XP Archery Target
Nicholas Kovaltsenko
Awesome target

This target is awesome perfect size for home shooting. Showed up to door on time couldn’t be happier. Also extremely easy to remove arrows

Doghouse XP Archery Target
William Silverthorn

An excellent target every they say say it is.

Great Target

Been using this target for a few weeks now with a 42 lb recurve at 20 yards. It works great-stops arrows with no problem and they are easy to retrieve.

I should have gotten 2!

This sized target is the absolute best! I love the flat face and the fact that two Vegas faces can fit on it. I should have gotten two so my wife could shoot next to me. I am always so impressed with these targets (this is my second bulldog target) and I have no clue how they make such an amazing product. I cant stand the hernia inducing pulling from the 3D foam targets and with the bulldogs, its effortless. This particular target is amazing for blank bailing, warm ups, tuning, and of course precision shooting. I will more than likely get another of this size, its just too good!

A Bulldog is worth the investment

I was previously using a cheaper bag target and losing fletchings from the arrows that got stuck in the target. I went with the Bulldog from a recommendation and couldn’t be happier! It’s not too heavy to move and it stops arrows easily at 5 yards from my BowTech setup. I highly recommend these products and THEN you throw in lifetime warranty, no way to go wrong!

Doghouse FP Archery Target
Brendan Gustafsson

Couldn’t ask for a better target. Great stopping capability and arrows pull out effortlessly. With the bonus of a lifetime warranty, how could you go wrong?

Absolutely love this target!

Shooting a hundred or better arrows everyday, and target still holding strong. Amazing how easy arrow removal is. TY for such a great target.

Good so far

Needed a target where I can shoot 10 yards and not blow through with my 300 fps arrows. So far so good and easy to pull arrows from target.

Bulldog target

I put this target in my shop range and have been pounding it with a wide range of arrows. Large and small diameter, with bows of different speeds. This thing takes everything I shoot at it. I really think this target with stand the test of time.

I am throughly enjoying my new bulldog target. I am Presently using it in the basement. It is light enough to easily move out of the way, large enough to provide a good target area, and the arrows pull out so easily that it is a joy to shoot.

Doghouse XP Archery Target
Reggie Threlkeld
Absolutely amazing Target

This is by far the best archery target that you could ever own. Enough said!!!!!

As advertised

So far, so good. 455 grain arrows, 325 fps from 10 yrds. Arrows go in 6 inches. Pull out with no effort at all. I plan on using this target for a long time.


Always nice to read great reviews and get a truly great product and a life time guaranteed! Canadian made! Will be a bull dog customer for as long as I can shoot them.

Doghouse XP Archery Target
Larry Tilghman Jr
First target I have bought but love

I am new to archery but I can say that this bulldog target is nothing but the truth. I like it very much and and hope I'm picked in the future to test out any products this company puts out.

Very impressive

First time I walked up and pulled my first arrows out I knew I wouldn’t bother shooting my other targets anymore.

Best target around

I've had my Double Dogg FF for 5+ yrs. No idea how many arrows friends and I have shot into it. Still stops around with easy pull. Getting replacement kit for it.

Perfect for travel

Works as advertised. Easy to transport and haul with. It will stay in my vehicle.

Great Product

I live in a cold climate. Most practice in the winter involves standing in the garage (60°),and shooting through the door at a target outside where it is 0° or colder. In these conditions you need an electric wench to get an arrow out of a foam target, but not the Bulldog target. Thanks Bulldog!

Doghouse XP Archery Target
Mark Szczepkowski

As advertised, all true so far!! One tough target. Stops my heavy 550gr arrows no problem, and yes, pull out easy. I use 3 fingers!! I would like to update review at the end of aug, right before hunting season starts. I will have shot it more than most by then!! Also target arrived quickly coming from Canada, I was surprised. Thank you for prompt shipping!!

I never fill these reviews out but I Just received my target last week so far best money I ever spent on a target easy arrow removal although mine requires more than two fingers maybe with use it will get easier I’m probably going to be one of your best salesman 100 percent satisfied

long review but worth the read!!!

What an awesome target. In the last six Month I have gone through three different targets. Target one was a Target bag from hurricane. I shot that one so many times there is a six-inch hole in the middle on both sides and the stuffing is falling out. Target 2 was The Block target. When shooting that one my arrow goes all the way into the fletching's and ruins my arrows. Target three was a 3/D Deer target from Shooter. when shooting this one my arrow now passes through the body after shooting it for less than one month. I am so UNPLEASED with these three brands I will never use them again. Now onto this target. I have had it for two weeks now and it is holding up so good. I do a lot of shooting. I shoot almost every day anywhere from 50-100 arrows a day. The arrow doesn't go to deep, and you can pull them out with ease. I shoot 70LBS Bowtech bows and no targets have been able to handle the torture I put my targets through. I will definitely put in another review after a few months and let you know how it is holding up. hopefully I don't need to use the LIFETIME Warranty. I definitely like that there is a security blanket if needed and I will definitely use it. Thank you Bulldog for making a quality product and feeling so confident you will back it for a LIFETIME.