Bulldog Target Reviews

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Best target I've owned

I have only shot it about 30 times but you can't even tell. No issues pulling arrows and definitely no worries about pass through. Very good target!

Doghouse XL 450

I received the targets and right way I was impressed with the quality and workmanship. These targets should hold up for many years to come. Great value for the price. Thanks again for the fast shipping.

Easy bolt removal. Perfect for us guys who don't have the grip of a 20 year old anymore.

I bought this target for my 74 year old father father who is a disabled veteran and just took up crossbow hunting. This makes bolt removal a breeze. It stops his crossbow bolt without any issues, He loves it. Which makes me very happy. I bought him a Nice foam layered target and to shoot at and he could not pull the bolts out even with a gripper. He just doesn't have the hand strength anymore.. This makes his practice sessions way more enjoyable.

Awesome Target!

I have used many targets over the years and this one has been the best!

Great target, as described.

Put about 100 arrows into this target so far and haven't seen any signs of wear. Arrows litterally pull out with finger tips.
My only complaint is i would have liked to see the target come with tabs and grommets in the corners to hang out from like other targets do.

Great Target

Spent an entire day shooting and never had one struggle pulling an arrow or any issue with pass through

I have had a few targets but the bulldog is far superior target to the rest. Your arrows are so easy to remove from it. This is a quality target for use with crossbows i can use just two fingers to remove my arrows or bolts.

Couldn’t be happier

First off the delivery time could not have been better, was on my door step within 2 days. And quality of the target is on point. Highly recommend for anyone looking to shoot at home.


I've only shot a few arrows but this seems like it will hold up well and last for a long time. I have the plus series and the arrows pull out easy as any target I've shot at. You can't beat lifetime warranty.

Used it at the local range, bought one immediately

I'm just starting to get into archery and my local range has various brands of targets after using bulldog brand and hearing about the lifetime warranty I went home and bought one immediately. Very happy with it.

Awesome target great customer service and even better price

Can’t beat this target value and durability and warranty

No point in shopping around !

This last order on the fall special puts me at 4 bulldog targets in my collection. Slowly making my way to a full private range set up. Couldn’t be happier with the targets. Aesthetically pleasing, easy to see, amazing stopping power and easy arrow removal. Customer service is second to none and they will have my business as long as I have a bow in my hand!

Great target

Stops arrows even at short distance, and super easy pull as advertised

LifeGR Archery Target
Kevin Gannaway
Great target.

Love this target for inside practice. Now I’m not chewing up a foam target and having to clean all that mess. Plus, still have the foam in good shape for broad heads.

Awesome Target! It’s true that you only need two fingers to pull out an arrow. Great quality and long lasting bag!

Best archery target

I purchase the double FF plus series. These targets are by fare the best targets targets out there. The stopping power is unbelievable and my 3 year old son can remove the arrows. I m shooting a 65lb bow at 300FPS and shot the target from 5 yards away. Arrow only went in 3-4”. Hands down the best out there!

Impressive Targets!

Ordered the two pack of the Doghouse FP Plus. Only had it a week but really enjoy shooting at it and easily pulling out the arrows. Stopping power is more than adequate for my 65lb bow. Much easier to remove arrows than a foam block or compressed clothes. So far very impressed! Oh, Bulldog also kept me updated on the shipping and delivered it on time!

So far so good

I have not had a chance to put very may arrows in it yet but overall the target seems well made and arrived in good ahape.

Above expectations

2 finger pull out. I honestly could not believe it. As soon as i ordered I have top notch messages from them letting me know about transit, shipping and arrival. Thank you. I was tired of buying targets every single year. I see this thing lasting years and years.

Great Target

This is the best target I've ever used, stops arrows from any range amd arrows always pull out with ease.


I'm happy with the target. Its surprisingly light for its size and durability and performs well with no overpenetration. It is loud when arrows hit. Arrow removal isnt two fingers for me- the shaft slides easy but at least with the new face it takes a good yank to dislodge my points through the fabric- probably will become easier with use.
Overall great value and performance- would purchase again.

Just as promised! And great customer service!

Quick and easy ordering and delivery... even though I changed my mind after ordering. The great Bulldog customer service was able to catch the order in time and ship me out the target I really wanted to get. Thanks!

Get ready to show up and show out!!

My target showed up a full day earlier than expected.
When other archers see me walk up to my Target and pluck my arrows from it with such ease the questions begin. The first thing I inform them is that this target has a lifetime warranty, then explain what I paid for it and how quickly I received it in the mail. At this point most times they're in their phone either purchasing one for themselves or telling someone what they had just witnessed!!

Doghouse FP Archery Target
Micheline Robillard
Exatly the archery target for compound bow

I try many archery target bow and it´s the first time the target stop efficiency arrows at 55 pounds.
I recommends to buy this product

Awesome target

I have ruined so many arrows from shooting threw targets so far I have not had this problem this target it is awesome