Bulldog Target Reviews

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So far so good

Just put my first couple dozen arrows in the Doghouse and I’m really liking it. I was worried at first because I shoot micro diameter arrows with outserts but as long as I don’t just hastily “rip” them out, I don’t think I’ll lose an outsert inside. They definitely stop penetration better than my previous foam style targets. A+ so far Bulldog!

He was happy

Surprised my husband with his birthday, Father’s day gift and he was so happy thanks for the prompt shipping and quality target!


Ordered off a recommendation from reddit. After shooting acouple arrows through it I saw how awesome the target actually was and how easy it was to remove them. I'm on my way to teach my 4 year old how to pull them out correctly so I don't have to move while I'm shooting. Spacing is great for multiple arrows without worrying about robin hooding anything. Plus the lifetime warranty and ease of replacement is out of this world. Would highly recommend

Awesome target

Great target easy removable arrows,great price,better then some american target's. What sold me on it was the reviews don't miss on one give it a try

Delivered as Promised

Great Targets, great deal. Everything came and works as promised. Sturdy and easy to pull arrows. Nice work from the boys and girls up North.

Cant beat these target!

I got tired of having to step on targets to tug arrows out! With these it’s like butter. Really study and worth every cent!

Heck of a deal!

Received my 2pack of targets this week. Solid target and well made, well with the money especially at the Father’s Day rate! Can’t beat the warranty either!

Best Target I Have Ever Had!

I took advantage of this Father’s Day sale because I had purchased a Range Dog Plus target earlier this spring and it’s awesome! I am using the Range Dog for long range shooting a this Bull Dog Plus in my basement. The quality, stopping power, and easy two finger arrow pull is second to none. I strongly recommend these targets.

RangeDog Archery Target
John Eisenhardt
I love this target

I love this target . It stops arrows well. And they pull out easily. I will likely buy another and recommend them to my friends.

Pretty sweet

Seems to be very well made, stops blazing arrows and bolts with ease and really is a 2 finger removal target. Only thing I would like to see different would be to have a deer vital area printed on one side in place of dots, that would be awesome. Great target tho, well worth more than it costs!

Awesome target

This is a great target. Super easy arrow removal and great stopping power. Also on the lighter side for a target this large. Very impressed so far. Thanks for a great product

Great target

Bought these for my father and I. It's a great target. Easy two finger arrow removal is no joke. My kids can even pull my arrow for me with ease.

Really good stopping power

This target is super light and does an amazing job at stopping arrows from my compound bow. The satisfying loud thud it makes on contact makes sure you know you hit your target. Arrows are very easy to remove with just a little pull. Will be recommending the doghouse pug to anyone looking for a small target with serious but gentle stopping power.

Bulldog hoodie

I ordered my Bulldog hoodie in black, I liked the bulldog logo and thought it looked good, but I can wear it during deer season in my blinds so I'll just disappear inside the dark blinds. Great product.

my new bulldog target

Guys you can believe it, this Bulldog target is amazing!! I had been shooting Block targets and they work but the arrows don't pull out easily, but this new Bulldog target I pulled my arrows with just two fingers. I love this target.

Great value!

Bought this for about $100 with the Father’s Day Sale. I have been shooting it for two weeks and love it! My arrows are moving at about 295fps and this stops them easily, no pass throughs, and my arrows are super easy to pull out. I bring this target with me to the range because it’s so much easier to pull my arrows from this than the targets at the range.

Great Targets last forever!

This my third target of style. One for both of my boys and one for me. Can’t go wrong with this target. Highly Recommend.

Nice target!

It surprised me how quickly it stops my reasonably fast and mid weight arrows. Freakishly easy to remove arrows. The only downside is that arrow impact is a loud ‘pop’ (certainly louder than the ‘thud’ from my seven year old xxxx target). It will likely quiet down as it softens up with use. I’m pleased with this high quality target!

They stop arrows better than anything I've ever shot at!

We are so happy with our new bulldog targets. They have stopped anything that we've shot at them! The best part is how easy it is to pull an arrow. Very nice!

Really Great but Concerned

Really like this target. Great sturdy handle. Solid frame. Arrows pull very easily as advertised. My concern is that when I pull arrows, a little bit of the stuffing inside pulls back out of the hole. I emailed the company about this to ask if this is normal or if there is something I need to do differently and have not received a response. Hoping it is not an issue as I use the target more and more.

I needed a new target for the house and BullDog was my first choice. I had the Doghouse Pug target for several years and it held up great. Passed it on to a young man just getting into archery. He is still using it. Our archery club uses the Range Dog target for our field course. These are the best archery target we have used. Arrow stop is good and the arrows pull easily.

Great quality and easy arrow removal for fast shooting bows

Love the target so far. Fast shipping too! Heavy duty

Easy arrow removal

This thing is like pulling your arrow out of a block of butter. Super smooth even with over 300fps set up. Amazing product. Looking forward to many years of use.

Fast delivery and good quality target

The target was delivered very Fast and I look forward to using it soon.

As advertised.

The shipping was quick and the packaging was well done. My son has one and sent me a heads up to the Father's day sale and I bought the 2 pack. I took one of them to my lower range and replaced the old target with the Bulldog. I shot 30 arrows and everyone pulled out easily and the target healed nicely. The other one will replace the target at my house range. I did provide a cover for the outdoor target as recommended. As this point I feel you can't beat the quality or the price.

Thanks Matt.C