Bulldog Target Reviews

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Range bundle

I was expecting to see plus series on the target but unfortunately it is not. I must have received the standard and paid for the plus.

Does it's job no complaints.

I'm enjoying this target. I shoot a 700 grain arrow with 80# now and the target isn't phased. Only downside is arrows tend to hang up if they have a larger point or insert then the shaft. I definitely would recommend.


Arrived packed extremely well and stops my crossbow bolts great. Very easy to remove arrows.

Great target

This target is great so far!! I bought it to use with my Ravin r29x and it stops the bolts very well. Extremely happy with this target so far.

Super easy arrow removal

I can’t speak to durability (only made a few shots). But two finger arrow removal just as advertised

I purchased the Doghouse XP to set up an indoor range in my basement. I am very please with it’s performance. With a 60# draw at 14 yards my arrows do not penetrate through the target and are easy to remove. Now I only need to worry about missing. 🙈


Quick shipping, seems very solid. Doesn’t move or pivot if you shoot the at side bullseye. Easy removal, just like they claim. Even if it only lasts a year, I’ll buy another. Already put over a thousand arrows into it, and it’s holding up well. Thanks for making a great target!

Best bag target

Love the bag easy to put anywhere my 3 year old easily pull out the arrows and a replaceable face lifetime warranty can't be beat.

I am impressed

First off the construction of this target is solid and built right. When you shoot it there’s no moving around. The arrow literally pulls out with two fingers! My little boy will be two in a couple weeks and can remove the arrows.
I found this target on accident when I was looking for a replacement of my very expensive name brand target that lasted 3 months. I honestly could not be happier with the way it performs, the lifetime warranty and the piece of mind. Great job Bulldog Targets! You have another lifelong customer.

Favorite Target to date

I just got into archery a couple of years of ago and it has become my stress reliever. With that I have shot out lots of targets. So far this one is my favorite. Easy arrow removal, love the size and ease of applying my paper targets. Wish I had bought this one when I first started. Thank you Bulldog targets!


Very quality target

Amazing target. Uphelp every bit of expectations. Thank you!

Cant were it out

Best target you could hope to have thank you for a truly honest product

Great target

This target is built to last! I got two of the Doghouse XP targets in the holiday sale for a great price. I know they have a lifetime warranty but I'm not sure I could wear out one target in my lifetime. The structure of a foam target with the longevity of a bag.

Thanks again for a great product.

great target

Target performs as advertised, durable & arrows come out very easy. Just bought a second target for myself, 3 teen shooters & their friends

Awesome Target

Great target, haven't shot it a lot yet, but so far I am impressed. My arrows do not penetrate over a couple inches and pull out easy.

Exactly as stated in description, arrows pull out easy

Target is actually amazing, haven’t shot a lot yet given the weather, but so far it’s perfect!

Great target!

Set up a home indoor range this target works awesome heavy stopping and easy removal! Can not beat the price!

Super easy arrow removal

I couldn't believe how easy it was to pull arrows after the first few shots. This is going to make shooting even more fun without struggling to pull arrows. Thank for making such a great product !

Great Bundle deal

We ordered the Black Friday Bundle deal and are glad we did. The targets arrived on a timely basis, the order process was easy and the service was outstanding. Can't wait to get a few months in shooting at these targets.


This is a very heavy duty target with large shooting areas. You literally can pull the arrows out with 2 fingers. Amazing

Amazing target!

Weather hasn’t been the best but have shot this target a little over a hundred times in the garage since I got it. Shooting a Mathew’s V3 @ 70 lbs from about 20 feet. Target has held up amazingly. And seriously only takes two fingers to pull an arrow out.

Heavy, but great target

Gave the target to my husband for Christmas and he was thrilled. He couldn’t believe I found something like this and when I told him about the lifetime guarantee he was speechless.

Great Target

Great solid Target. Arrows pull out nice and easy just as described. The Target has a nice weight to it keeping it in place while being impacted with arrows.

Doghouse XP Plus...Do yourself a favor and buy it!

For my first BULLDOG target I purchased the Doghouse XP Plus, hoping that it may live up to the hype of a lifetime target. Well it's too early to tell about the lifetime part but this target is just plain AWESOME. I was a bit surprised when I first picked it up as it was sitting at my door, my initial thought was this target has some weight to it which I knew would be a good thing. I wasted no time in setting it up and taking the opportunity to shoot a few arrows into it to test the two finger pull out that has been mentioned.

Well, the two finger removal is a thing and works as advertised, surprisingly easy to remove arrows. Next I wondered about holes in the covers and would they heal over which I had my doubts. Again a bit surprised as the holes did somewhat close up, maybe not all the way but a good portion of them were very noticeably smaller by the next day.

I am extremely pleased with this target and know for sure will be purchasing another in the near future as I am setting up a multi-target practice zone on my property. The BULLDOG targets do indeed live up to all the hype, shipping was quick and when I had a question I got a reply Seth right away!