Bulldog Target Reviews

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Much better than other targets

I've been using my bulldog FP plus for a couple weeks now and I'm very happy with it. I shoot 100+ arrows a day and my last target only lasted 3 weeks with that volume before I had to stand on it to pull arrows out. If anything, they've gotten easier to pull out with the FP Plus over the last 2 weeks. It is also much lighter than the other ones I've used with is a huge plus since I move it in and out of my garage. It had no issue stopping arrows from my 300 fps bow and 400 fps crossbow, even at 10 yards. So far I'm very happy with this target. One day it will inevitably wear out from use and I'm hoping that the warranty works as well as the target does. I highly recommend the Bulldog FP Plus!

Best archery targets around!!!

These targets are TOUGH!!! This is my 2nd Bulldog Target no issues at all. Lifetime warranty as well and local business.

Great target

The target is great, best one I’ve used to date.
Shipping isn’t that great. If I’d know that you only ship by UPS I wouldn’t have ordered the target. On the Sunshine Coast UPS is extremely unreliable. They use a third party contractor. Hopefully you’ll look into shipping via Canada post. I realize that my circumstance is unique being a remote location, couriers are unreliable here where Canada post is guaranteed to get orders to me.

No words are enough

The Pug is the perfect target for your basement or even 20y ranges. I shoot in my basement at 8 yards, 60lb Bow @ 340fps. The arrow doesn’t make it through to the other side!

Good Quality

Have used their Range Dog target for our indoor practice range for several years. I like how durable it has been. That prompted me to purchase 3 more recently.

Got a good target

This target is awesome will stop any bolt shot in a crossbow up close or far away it only goes in about 9 inches deep and it's very easy to pull out would recommend this to anyone it does a lot of shooting with crossbows or compound either one great Target thank you Bulldog Target done an excellent job on this one sincerely mark flowers

Great targets!

I own 4 now.....everyone of them perform perfectly. One is at least 5 years old and my weekly shooter over that time. Still going strong!

Great Target

Best target I have shot at.
I have only fired a few hundred arrows at it in my house but so far seems very durable.
Effortless arrow removal.
Very happy with my new Dog!


For the money you can not beat the quality of this target. Not to mention who doesn’t like a lifetime warranty. I will definitely buy from here again.

Awesome experience all around. Fast shipping. The target is great, we have had it up for a couple of days and fired a couple hundred arrows into it. This thing looks like it will last and stand up over time. Thanks!

Great target

Nice target like the way it stands up right on the base around target.Stops any bow and it will stop a Raven R20 crossbow no problem. Arrow and bolt removal very easy.

Great Target

I purchased this target for indoor and outdoor use and I often shoot with a buddy so this baby ticked all the boxes. When the target arrived I was surprised by the weight, it says approximately 50lbs, mine is 64.5lbs. The width is listed at 12” and mine is 16”. Only one side is flat which was a little disappointing but a review of the description indicates “a” flat face so I guess that means one. I ordered the Plus and the logo is missing but the black dots in each corner apparently indicate a Plus model, again slightly disappointing but really I’m just going to fill it with arrows so no big deal. I have only put about 300 arrows into it so far, stopping power is awesome I’m shooting 435gr arrows at 290FPS from 18M and getting about 10” of penetration. The arrows pull out easy until the tip which in my case tend to get caught on the woven face ( could just be the way my tips seat in the insert ). And lastly how can you beat a Lifetime Warranty!!
Overall a great buy and I would definitely recommend.

Great target I have 2. Shipping is very affordable.

Double Dog FF Target

These targets are great. I use mine to shoot inside my house and it works very well.


Great carrying handle unlike others I have used where its painful to carry and heavy. This target is light weight and yet durable. The lifetime warranty is a no brainer.

Awesome target

Awesome target, Great service quick service and when the target got here and I first laid eyes on it you could tell the people behind it do care. And the arrows come out just as easy as they advertise would Highly recommend this target

Unbelievable Targets

I purchased the Dog house XP and the Pug target right from the start knowing there is a lifetime warranty which was hard to believe. They are not kidding when they say you can pull the arrow with two fingers, definitely true! Very fast shipping and will be purchasing another target in the future to add to my indoor range.

Doghouse XP Plus
I am really happy I purchased this target. I am amazed at the quality and structural integrity of the target along with the ease of arrow removal. If you are looking for a target with long life and a fantastic warranty you need a Bulldog target.

Last Target You’ll Need to Buy

Recently purchased the Bulldog Pug target to carry along in my holiday trailer. I’ve been using the Doghouse XP for about 4 years now and gone through 3 re-furbish kits at no charge, except for shipping costs. No questions asked when a kit is requested and quick ship to my door. Really impressed the price of Bulldog’s targets and great customer service. Highly recommend the Bulldog target.

Double Dog

Target is great. Tough, heavy and stops anything. My second Bulldog
Target and just replaced cover on first one that is three years old. I shoot everyday on that target has had thousands of arrows in it!
You can’t go wrong. Buy one!

Pug Plus Target

After owning the larger Bulldog FP target for years I wanted to pass on the fun to my wife and kids who I've passed the archery bug too... What a sweet
little target? The size and weight is perfect for my wife and 8 year old to sneak out in the backyard and let some arrows fly. The quality was exactly as I expected and the added "Plus" benefit of easier arrow extraction is nothing short of amazing. The Pug plus stops the arrows like the bigger targets and I sunk some of my arrows from my 70lb draw compound into them and watched my daughter pluck them free like they were nothing. 2 finger extraction is legit and verified. We'll done Bulldog, thanks again!!!

Best targets

I have had my Bulldog Target for several years and is still going strong. I love it! Bought one for my son this Christmas. The gift that will keep on giving.


This seems to be a very well built target so far. I have only had about two weeks so I cannot comment on durability but it appears it will do a very good job.

You will be surprised in a great way

For backyard targets I had 2 worn out material filled square cubes. Wanting to treat myself I started looking for a new one. I also wanted a target I could trust to stop arrows shot in the basement out of the weather, I did not trust my old ones for that. If my only comparison was dollar for dollar my new Bulldog target was a great buy. But wait there's more! This thing really stops arrows just like they describe and arrow removal is just a tug away. Gone are the days of putting my body against the target just to pull out my shots. I also wanted to get a flat faced target that would be suitable for paper target faces. So far I am very pleased with my purchase and will recommend to anyone needing an upgrade. Bulldog targets are way above average.

double dog ff target

awsome target better then i thought