Bulldog Target Reviews

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Best out there!!!

It is hands down the best target I’ve ever owned! Two finger pull outs every time no matter the distance or the FPS of any bow!

Best targets I've bought in awhile

Very durable compared to most brands. Arrows only went in about 3 inches/7cm and I pull a 70lb bow

Doghouse FP Archery Target
Nathaniel Whelan
Great Target!

I bought 2 Doghouse FP . Very stout, was pleasantly surprised with the overall construction. Perfect size as well, Put a nearly life size deer target on one.

They have held up great to consistent shooting. Well done!

Great all around target

The Bulldog Doghouse FP is an awesome target, solid build and fantastic warranty. I also own a Range Dog from ~9 years ago and neither disappoint. I fully expect similar quality on the FP. Highly recommend!

Best target you can buy.

Recently purchased my second target. I have mine set up on both ends 40 yards shoot into one retrieve arrows ,turn and shoot into other target and repeat.

Excellent target

Very pleased with this target,
Shooting 575gr arrows a about 280fps and it stops them dead.

Good target

Target arrived with a torn side as it is only wrapped in plastic for shipping (no cardboard corner guards. I figure when I shoot the face out of the target I'll just get both pieces replaced.

Stops arrows amazingly well. I have shot several hundred arrows at it already and there has been no penetration out the rear at all. Extremely easy arrow removal, far easier than even a foam layered target.

The dimensions are not quite 36x24, so if you are building a frame or stand ahead if time, leave more than 2" of space extra. I had to add in an extra 2" piece of wood to allow it to fit despite building the stand with more than an inch of extra space.

Doghouse FP Archery Target
Nathaniel Quinnett
Great target. Just what I needed.

Durable, built to last. I like that it has some weight to it so it doesn't move around when arrows hit it. Arrows pull out easy. Great buy!

Doghouse Pug Archery Target
Evan Stubblefield
Highest quality field point targets.

I’ll never buy a different brand for my field point archery targets. Most durable targets brand new and after a few years. I’ve shot my friends cheaper targets that they’ve had for a year or two and arrows go almost all the way through or it’s a nightmare to remove the arrow. I own the Bulldog 450 plus and the Pug for when I travel. It’s never been difficult to remove an arrow from these targets.


I love this target! I have some similar priced targets for what I paid for this one on sale ($99) that just can’t even compare. I’d happily pay retail, it’s that good. Well worth the money and the lifetime warranty is a huge bonus! Be aware though, it’s heavy, but I prefer that.

Highly recommended!

K9 Archery Target
Reese Travis
As advertised

My target is everything it was advertised to be. Sturdy, and easy to use. Wish I would have bought it a long time ago. Thanks Bulldog for making great stuff!

Had to see it for myself.

Me & a friend ordered two to save on shipping cost. The targets arrived quick, & in good condition.
Yes I was surprised at how easy it is to pull my arrows out. No more jerking, or pulling with both hands while holding a knee against the target.
I’m curious to see what it will look like after a thousand arrows shots, but you can’t go wrong with a lifetime warranty. 😊

great target

this target is awesome. I have a xbow rated at over 400 fps it stops the bolts and is easy to remove them.

Great Target

Love my new target from Bulldog. True to the advertising two finger removal of my arrows. I can only practice 20 yards in my back yard and needed a great target. Bulldog has a great selection. I look forward to many years shooting this target God willing.

Great product

It is what you claim, no comparison out there. If arrows were perfectly matched to insert and field tip it would be perfect. Some trouble getting thru facing, because of arrow manufacturing not standardized.

Doghouse FP Archery Target
Nathan Winkelmann

Had a few cheaper targets, I've used them and they are tough to take arrow out of. I got a Bulldog target(two actually) and its easy to see when looking through the peep sight. It is super easy to pull my arrows. I really enjoy the quality of these so far!

All I could have asked for!

Just getting back into archery after a few years away. Needed a target that would last. One that would let me practice at distance in the yard as well as "blind bail" shooting for tuning and working on form. The Doghouse FP+ took care off all of that. Easy arrow removal, even at close range. Looks like it is going to last quite a while. Very impressed and pleased with my purchase. Thank you

Best Targets I've owned

This is my 3rd Bulldog target and we still shooting my first one which was bought 7 years ago . They are as advertised and customer service has always been great. Thanks Bulldog!

Best target ever!

Was bigger then I expected (bonus) For the price lifetime warranty and ease that the arrows come out. Definitely the best target ever!

Just like advertised

I'm happy

Best Target I’ve Ever Owned

I’ve own my XP Target for a few years now and it’s the best target I’ve ever owned. It’s held up extremely well and very easy to pull arrows out of.

Beast of a target

Along with my FP+. This thing stops 400gr crossbow bolts clocking at 390fps from 10 metres like they were nothing. And the two finger pull is as easy and effortless as others say.

Beast of a target

Bought the plus variant FP and XP. This thing (FP) stops my 400gr crossbow bolts going at 390fps from 10 metres away. Everytime. Tip doesnt even make it to the other side, the bolts only bury about 5-7 inches in.
Like many others, I cannot recommend these enough.

Great so far......

Son and I only shot it cple evenings,very easy arrow removel and not very noticeable being shot

Doghouse XP Archery Target
Charlie Zulkosky
Great target!

When you shoot at it it’s very easy to see and the arrows are very easy to take out!