Bulldog Target Reviews

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good archery target

I really enjoy the fast delivery, the price and the life time warranty. I 'll recommend it to all my friends archer.

Best target I’ve shot.

I’ve been burning through targets. I shoot 23 diameter arrows and they seem to blast through everything in a few weeks leaving big holes. I’ve only had this target a couple weeks and I’ve put around 1000 arrows into it. It’s still brand new, stops my arrows within a few inchest and heals fast. I drill the black dots consistently and they look no worse for wear. Great targets. I’ll be recommending my local range switches to the K9 butts.

Indestructible at the least

Money well spent this target will last way past my life. I shoot an 86 lb draw and the arrow barley penetrates 6”. Well done


Is there a place in Alberta to buy your targets

Serious stopping power

It's no bull, this target will stop a 450 fps bow. And even a little more my scorpyd I think is doing 460. Just awesome. And the arrows are easy to get out. if you're thinking about a target for your crossbow this is it. Thanks Bulldog targets for making such a great Target

Good buy

Target is awesome. Easy to pin up paper targets, can handle shooting a whole round without having to move the paper Target. It's just a little bit on the heavy side

Silly name but the target rocks

The targets are good

Happy customer

Okay if you're reading this know that I'm a real person. I'm really writing a review on a website and this target is worth every penny. My kid and I shoot it daily and it's still stopping arrows like the day we bought it! that was three years ago. we just came on this site to buy a repair kit for it and low and behold there free. Hands down best Target on the market

Best bang for your buck for range Target

I've done my homework and you cannot get a 4 by 4 Target that works as well as this one for the price of this one. If you're a store club make sure you get a hold of them to get the correct pricing

Works well

We bought these targets 3 years ago. We use them in our range and I think they're one of the best targets on the market. I don't usually go back to a site to leave a review but it was important that we help the fellow archers

Best range Target

We have been running these butts for 10 years at our club. they're still going strong. We reface them once a year and takes about 20 minutes a Target. Hands down the best indoor range Target we've ever had

Works well

Target was great as expected. I was concerned about the stand being wobbly or not holding up well. I was wrong, I'm a 250 lb guy and I could body check it as hard as I could and it would not tip over it's rock solid

Pretty good Target

Love the target stops everything from my crossbow to the kids little recurve bows but if you're buying the wheels just to roll it around your yard it's not that good. The wheels are too small to run well in the grass.

Club approved

Are club bought 12 of these a couple years ago I had to come back on this site just to leave a good review. We have re faced them once now and they're back like new again we have been happy with them

Seriously a good buy

Had to write a 5-star review. my Christmas gift last year was one of these doghouse XPS and I love it I'd recommend this to anyone. I struggled for years trying to pull my arrows out of foam targets not anymore

Hands down best target out there

I came back to this site to leave this review because I was so pleased with the results of this target. I bought the plus series and the arrow removal is crazy easy. The target is good you can buy with confidence

This is the perfect target

I've tried a bunch of targets from various companies. Morrel, the Block, etc. I find Bulldog to be one of the best, but also each to manage and carry around. Their solid frame makes it easy to stand up anywhere. I tried one one of bag targets once and never again!

The XP specifically is my favorite. I have the PLUS version and I shoot both my bow and cross-bow at it with no issues.

Solid target

Nothing bad to say about Bulldog. This particular target is light, and a good size. It's just big enough to fit in my trunk. I tried the Pug and found it a bit too small for me. I think that one is only 18" or something. I shoot this one out to 50 yards and I fell good on it.

Thank you!

Picked up one of your targets a couple years ago and just actually used the Lifetime Warranty feature. SOOO glad a friend of my recommend Bulldog, that just saved me $100 bucks!

Sold for life!

I've been a Bulldog customer since 2009. I've bought them for me, my wife, and 2 as gifts. Every single person that I have given one to loves them! I've used the lifetime warranty thing once and it was super easy.