Bulldog Target Reviews

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Doghouse XP plus.

I purchased this target for my new Excalibur Assassin 400 TD and it is a legit 400 per sec and it does not penetrate all the way thru and removal is 2 fingers with ease. This target is Awesome.

So far so good.

Haven't had the chance to shoot the new Double Dog Plus FF yet but was very pleased with the shipping. Arrived within a week and in great shape. Was kind of disappointed that the Bulldog label was nowhere to be found on it other than the cardboard half wrap though. Will review later after a few hundred rounds.

So easy to pull arrows

Love how easy the arrows are to pull. Seems like it's going to be a long lasting target

Great target! Perfect for my home range!

Super slick target, 2 finger arrow removal as described on the plus version. Would highly recommend!

Great target!!

Super easy to remove arrows, pulled three arrows at same time with two fingers will not buy another brand of target again.

XL 450

Sturdy target very duriable very portable holds up to everyday shooting

Excellent Target for the price

Shooting heavy arrows from a fast bow destroys those $40 yellow bag targets pretty fast. I did the math and realized I needed a better target to hold up for a reasonable amount of time. I figured a lifetime amount of time would work. Ordered the double dog ff with lifetime warranty. In a week I found a new target on my doorstep. The doubledog is great as it allows me to pin two targets on and spend more time shooting. The smooth face is great as I can use whatever target I feel like. The target is made a lot tougher than I expected. It handles 5mm FMJ's from 290 FPS with no problem. The only thing I wonder about is whats behind that smooth face as it feels almost as hard as drywall... hopwdully when time comes to replace the face it will be an easy task but hopefully wont need to worry about that for quite awhile.

RangeDog Plus

Just received my 36" target. Looks to be very solid and sturdy, but have not shot it yet. Great customer service and follow up through the ordering and shipping process.

Happier Ever After!

Over the 30 plus years of shooting archery and several I mean several targets. The RangeDog Archery Target is by far the best target I have ever owned. Arrows are easy to pull and the target construction feels like it will last a lifetime. Shipping was top notched, as well I received the target in less than a week and it had to cross the border. Looking forward to many years of shooting with my wife, daughter and I.

Best target ever

I got the XP plus target. I was skeptical about getting the plus target because I thought there was no way I could actually pull the arrow with just two fingers but what the hell, I’ll give it a shot. This thing showed up at my door before it was promised, I ran out back, shot it and no bullshit, two finger arrow removal. I shot an annihilator broad head at it. Still two fingers. I’ll never buy a target from someone else.
Targets are even set up for a nice game of tic-tac-toe with my buddy.


I’ve had my Range Dog target about two years and have fired at least 3500 arrows into it and it is still holding up quite well. One thing I’ve noticed is that nowadays if I use the thin shaft arrows (Gold Tip Kinetic Pierce Platinum arrows) they tend to completely penetrate the target and stick out the other side.. I know I can get more stuffing, so that is no a big problem. However, when I use the standard size shafts, they don’t penetrate the target, I love the target and am buying another.


(Review was sent before finished..too many pop ups!)
.,...wish there were straps or rings on the top corners to hang it.

Great Target

I purchased the Bulldog Plus Series. So far so good. I have shot it approximately 100 times so can’t really comment on durability. It seems like a solid target. Very easy to pull arrows out and stops the arrows well! Looking forward to testing its durability but very pleased so far!!

Great Target

Great target, shot with my 40 lbs recurve and 370 fps crossbow, no problem at all. stop the arrows and easy to pull out

Best target for the Price!

Almost went with a much more expensive target from another brand but after reading the reviews and seeing the lifetime warranty I was sold. This target is amazing, easy to remove arrows, no chance of pass through, and you just can’t beat it for the price and warranty!

Best Target I have ever owned!

This is by far the most incredible target I have ever owned! Nice and sturdy. You don't have to worry about it blowing over in the wind or moving off centre after an arrow hits it. My favourite part about it is the very satisfying THWACK sound it makes when your arrow hits it. I don't see myself ever needing another one or being able to destroy it, but if that ever happens, replacement kits are available. Do yourself a favour and purchase one right now! You won't be disappointed.

Excellent target

I’m very impressed with this target.
No complaints and would buy another if I needed it with no second thoughts

Great target

Have only had the target for a short period but it has done what it says. Easy to remove arrows.


I have tried six different targets and all of them had “flaws” then I found Bulldog targets and was extremely happy with it! It stops the arrows and you can literally pull them out with two fingers! I’m shooting in my backyard and never had an arrow come close to passing through! I’ve been using a bag and pulling arrows was a pain, but with this bulldog target it’s a breeze. I’ve already made all my friends buy them!

Just awesome

Best target I’ve ever used.
Only question in my mind is how long it gonna last.

And it’s a heavyweight. Won’t be carrying it around much.

Big, solid and effective

It’s a great target, but HEAVY. Stops arrows well. Removal is a snap.
If it lasts as long as they say, it’ll be the target I ever had.

Great target

Just got my doghouse xp target the other day. Have only got to shoot a couple dozen arrows but have been extremely impressed so far. Great target. Will be buying more in the future. Thanks guys.

Double dog target 24” x 36”

Very pleased with the service I received from Bulldog Targets. As for the targets, I ordered 2 the same, one for my basement and one to be used outdoors. Very pleased with the targets, they deliver everything they promised. I like the blank faces which allows me to work on my release without seeing a bullseye. As well as the ability to use my own target when I want.


Great target so far. Easy arrow removal and holds them in place. Very well made and hopefully durable for the long haul. I shoot almost everyday all summer for field hunter rounds and I have worn out many targets hopefully this one will last.

Awesome target with a killer warranty!

After looking around for my first target and pricing everything out I finally decided to get a Doghouse FP. The lifetime warranty and 2 finger arrow removal really sold it for me. I tested my 300fps bow at point blank and barely went 4" in and getting the arrow out was easy! I feel like I got a great deal compared to other targets that have no real warranty. Excellent target and awesome value!