The Bulldog Drop Ship program is the best way for you to sell archery targets online! Here are all the details... 

Drop Ship Program Details:

Question - What Is The Main Problem With Selling Targets Online?

Answer - The Shipping! You have to pay to get the target shipped to you, and then you have to pay to the target shipped to the customer. This makes it VERY expensive for a customer to buy targets online! Plus targets are big and can take a lot of your valuable warehouse space.

The Solution – Bulldog Targets will now drop ship targets to your customers that place orders on your website. This makes it much more profitable for you and very affordable for your customers to buy targets... but not just any target, the world’s first and still only Lifetime Warranty Target!

Here’s how it works - You list Bulldog Targets on your website and you sell tons of them. You can either place the order with us over the phone, or you can login to your account on our website. The target is then shipped to your customer and we bill you.

The Benefits - You don't have tie up money in inventory, you don't have to tie up warehouse space, you don't have to waste money paying for shipping costs to you, and you don't even have to worry about shipping it! You basically just have to worry about listing them and charging the customer.

How to list them - We've taken the time to package up a whole whack of images for you to use on your website to list the targets. You are also welcome to use any image, product descriptions, slogan, etc. from our website.

Nitty Gritty Details - The customer will not get an invoice or receipt from us. You will be responsible to invoice and bill them. When you place the order here through our drop ship portal you should use your credit card. Essentially you are buying them wholesale, except your paying for it to be shipped directly to the customer.

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