At Bulldog Targets, we have been passionate about archery for over 30 years. We have always loved bows, hunting, and competition, but until fairly recently, we have never been crazy about a target. After opening up a pro-shop 30 years ago, and selling literally thousands of targets of every brand and model, we decided that the target industry was simply not getting it right. In the early hours before the pro-shop opened, and in the late hours after it closed, we tried, tested, tore apart and beat up just about every type of target possible. This led us to design our own target, which we intended to use on the range at our pro-shop exclusively. After hundreds of customers begged us to make personal targets for themselves to use at their own homes, we gave in, and released the Doghouse FP to the masses. It was the world’s first archery target to feature a guaranteed lifetime warranty, which naturally, drew the attention of our competitors and ArcheryTalk skeptics alike. 10 years later, Bulldog Targets has taken the industry by storm, offering products for all facets of archery, and forcing our competition to adapt their business models to survive. 

Today, we are still constantly innovating, and continue to be dedicated to producing the absolute best possible archery target for everyone from hunters, to youth groups, to crossbow shooters, and even to high-end target competitors.