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RangeDog Archery Target


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Never before has there been a range target that features the longevity of a bag style target, but with a flat face that allows targets to be pinned to it.

The internals are the same as the legendary Doghouse targets but it has no target dots painted on it. It is designed for you to pin your one targets on it just like at the range.

Replaceable faces are available for this target. If you ever wear it out, simply staple on a new face and you're good for another 50,000 shots! This target is sold in three different models.

Option 1: Target Only
The target comes with straps that make it a breeze for 2 people to carry it. This is great for people that like to take it to different place and move it around a lot. 

Option 2: On Wheels
This is a great option if you want to use it indoors. The target is shipped with 4 indoor wheels installed on the bottom making it easy to move around. This is great for ranges, schools, gyms or any place that you need to pack it away when you're done. The wheels also have a brake system installed to lock the target in place.

Option 3: With Outdoor Stand
This option includes outdoor legs and all the hardware to set it up in under 3 minutes. The tie downs include length adjusters to make it simple to adjust the angle of the face and easy square it. At long distances you may even want it leaned back 10 - 15 degrees and with our adjustable system, it’s a breeze!

Approximate Dimensions: 36" x 36" x 12"
Approximate Weight: 68 lbs.


This target is only sold in our new PLUS+ Series with ultra stopping power and 2-finger arrow removal  Learn more about our PLUS Series

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews

It’s awesome

Gary Neumann
36”x36” bulldog plus

Bought two of the bulldog plus 36”x36” targets for my personal archery range. The targets are durable and very well made. I see them lasting for a long time. Not sure that i would call them a “two finger arrow pull” maybe when they are shot a little more i could see that happen. All in all i would definitely buy again. You get what you pay for. Quality was the plan and thats what i got.

Great target!

Set it up in my basement for winter practice and love it! Shooting at 5 yards, the arrows only penetrate 6" and I can pull them out with 2 fingers

Declan Rose
Amazing Quality

Haven't had a lot of time with my target due to the weather but I am extremely happy with the quality. Couldn't ask for a better target!

Lowell Johns

My Bulldog target is exactly as it is described. Extremely durable and EASY arrow removal. I have went through many targets in my 30+ plus years of shooting archery and I think that this target is the perfect one for my range. Thanks for making an outstanding product.

John Chrismer
Great for long range.

I love the blank canvas because you can put stickers on it or tape lines for dialing in your elevation or windage. Balloons are awesome at long range for visual satisfaction.

Chastin Hill
Perfect for every type of archer

Can’t say enough good things about this target. Heavy built and great quality,

T Rymer
Bet target by far

I’ve been shoot a dog house pluse for three years at least three days a week. I’ve never had an arrow to past completely through it. If I can get this kind of quality out of a target I will buy another one, no need for the warranty.

Jay Starks
Range target is very durable!

The 36” version has survived 4 years of Arizona desert sun and heat. I keep a cheap camo cover on it and staple targets to that. Worth the money!

David Walsh
Love my Range Dog!!

This is the best target I have ever used. The arrows pull out so easily! I have wrenched my shoulder pulling arrows out of other targets, not this one, you can pull them out in bunches with little effort! This thing is solid, and you have the lifetime warranty so you wont need to buy it again, just recover for fresh target.
Just get it, you won't regret it!

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  • Introducing the Bulldog PLUS series. 

    Most of our targets have the options to upgrade to the PLUS version. You're a serious shooter, we HIGHLY recommend the PLUS version. It's tougher, lighter AND features two finger arrow removal! 

    We're never settled with how things are at Bulldog. In 2019 we made even more significant improvements to our PLUS Series. Believe it or not, they have more stopping power and arrows are even easier to pull out.  We are the toughest targets on the market, hands down! 

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