K9 Archery Target

  • K9 Archery Target
K9 Archery Target K9 Archery Target K9 Archery Target

K9 Archery Target



The FITA legal for ranges and clubs this is the best archery target out there... Period. At 15" thick and 50" square there is no better FITA target.

After being in the archery business for 20 years we know what ranges need - long life & low maintenance.


  • Shootable from both sides
  • The inside of this target will literally last for years and years. With available face replacements, it is very inexpensive to keep the target going for a long long time.
  • Fits all regulation size FITA, Field and NFAA targets to legal spec.
  • Strong enough to stop heavy compound bows, but designed to allow youth to able to shoot at it as well.
  • Save your club or range thousands of dollars by not having to replace targets every year. With K9 you just staple on a new face and your good to go for another year!

Please Note: Free shipping does not apply on this target. You may purchase online but we will call or email you with the exact quote on the shipping price before completing the sale.

Commercial addresses will be charged a flat rate of $150 for shipping.

This target has a flat white surface you can pin targets to. Paper targets not included.

Approximate Dimensions: 48" x 48" x 15"
Approximate Weight: 130 lbs. 


This target is available in the PLUS Series. If you're looking for the best stopping power and 2-finger arrow removal, make sure you check that option. Learn more about our PLUS Series here